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Smart cities vs smart citizens

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Dan Hill lecture

PBL expert meeting on Smart Cities with Dan Hill Over the last few years the South Korean New Town of Songdo has emerged as the epitome of the ‘smart city’ of the future – a city that uses software and sensor-driven feedback loops to optimize

Review: Paul Dourish & Genevieve Bell – Divining a digital future (2011)

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In Divining a Digital Future (2011), computer scientist Paul Dourish (Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine) and cultural anthropologist Genevieve Bell (Intel Interaction and Experience Research Lab) again team up in an attempt to marry ethnography with ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) research. The

Review: Aurigi & De Cindio (2008) – Augmented urban spaces

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Aurigi, A., & De Cindio, F. (2008). Augmented urban spaces: articulating the physical and electronic city. Aldershot: Ashgate. (The introduction is a free read from the website). This book from 2008 had been on my desk for quite some time but finally I got around

review: Stephen Graham – The Cybercities Reader (2004)

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In The Cybercities Reader (2004) Stephen Graham – at that time Professor of Urban Technology in Newcastle – bundles a great number of seminal texts about the intersections of digital media technologies and urban life. Some articles were written especially for this reader. Others were

Interview with Mark Shepard: ‘critical design’, architecture, urbanism and location based media

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Mark Shepard is a media architect and researcher. His current research investigates the influence of mobile and pervasive media, communication and information technologies on architecture and urbanism. He is one of the organizers of the 2006 symposium on Architecture and Situated Technologies. This fall, for

Event: World-Information City, Paris May 30-31, 2009

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World-Information City Paris 2009 is an international, two day conference focusing on four major themes within the wide field of new urban geographies: mobility, global flows and local dynamics, the remaking of urban spaces through new strategies of conflict and security, and new approaches to

review: Kevin Lynch – The Image of the City

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As part of a new effort of The Mobile City to compile an ever-expanding overview of literature relevant to our themes, I will review this oldie-goldie published in 1960. I particularly assess its enduring relevance for understanding the current relation between mobile & locative media

Cellphone city art

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Found via Textually.org > Engadget Mobile > Make (nice trail): Artist Jorge Colombo (Portugal) made a couple of cityscapes by drawing with his fingers in an application called Brushes on an iPhone. He also posted a short movie showing in speed-up how he created his

Mobile media ‘optimizing’ physical mobility

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(image source: Vabellon) Clearly, the mobile phone is used to ‘optimize time’ – at least, this idea of “making the most of NOW” is one of the strong rhetorics about mobile media: to do something useful with in-between moments that is ‘lost time’ otherwise. Increasingly,

Urban Play: designing the urban landscape

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Saturday November 1 2008 I attended the closing debate of the Urban Play project that took place during ExperimentaDesign 2008 themed “Space and Place: design for the urban landscape”. The event explored the role of designers in shaping the urban landscape, and the Urban Play

PICNIC ’08: The Visible City session

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Wednesday Sept. 24 I went to one of the sessions at PICNIC ’08 called “The Visible City”. This session was about ways of visualizing mobility patterns in the city. From the announcement: What if an entire city could be visible from above, like we see