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Playing for the Future: event April 17 2014 about play, games and urban (re)developments

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Last year, The Mobile City partnered in the project “Rezone Playful Interventions” about the use of playful design strategies to repurpose vacant spaces. In this project three teams composed of an architect and a game studio collaborated and created a temporary playful urban intervention for

Playing against vacancy: architects and game developers create games for urban change

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About the project How can temporary playful interventions be used to engage people with the issue of vacancy? The Mobile City is a partner in the new project Rezone Playful Interventions. In this project three teams, each composed of an architect and a game designer,

How to design better cities with urban interventions and computer code?

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aldo van eyck0007

How can we design urban objects that bring about an urban public sphere? And how can we make use of algorithms to make urban design more adaptive to the needs of citizens? These questions were addressed during the first Cognitive Cities Salon in Amsterdam.

Article in Second Nature journal about The Mobile City project and urban gaming

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The second issue of the RMIT journal Second Nature is about “Games, Locative & Mobile Media”. I wrote a short article about urban games and their importance for the issues we address with The Mobile City. In this article I discern five possible ‘levels’ to

Cellphone city art

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Found via Textually.org > Engadget Mobile > Make (nice trail): Artist Jorge Colombo (Portugal) made a couple of cityscapes by drawing with his fingers in an application called Brushes on an iPhone. He also posted a short movie showing in speed-up how he created his

Urban Play: designing the urban landscape

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Saturday November 1 2008 I attended the closing debate of the Urban Play project that took place during ExperimentaDesign 2008 themed “Space and Place: design for the urban landscape”. The event explored the role of designers in shaping the urban landscape, and the Urban Play