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Review: “Portable Objects in Three Global Cities” by Mimi Ito et al.

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  Mimi Ito, Daisuke Okabe, and Ken Anderson have an interesting chapter in the edited volume by Rich Ling & Scott Campbell (2009) “The reconstruction of space and time: mobile communication practices” which recently came out. The chapter is called “Portable Objects in Three Global

KPN & Hyves cooperate: proximity-based social networking

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Dutch tech/nerd blog tweakers.net report that Hyves, Holland’s most popular social network, has struck a deal with operator KPN (the biggest telcom in NL) to add locational information to text messages Hyves users send to each other. According to KPN, questions such as “where are

Confronted with my geographical habits by bliin

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Why do I only document and share routes and places when doing something unusual? I went to pick up my stolen bike that had been found by the police. This trip can be interesting for bliin, I thought, and therefore shared it. For those who