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Telecom, transport, and (unequal) time-space compression

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One of the oldest terms to think about the influence of both transport and communication technologies on the experience of time and space is “time-space compression”. This notion expresses the sense that the experience of time passing by is accelerated while the importance of distance

Mobile media ‘optimizing’ physical mobility

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(image source: Vabellon) Clearly, the mobile phone is used to ‘optimize time’ – at least, this idea of “making the most of NOW” is one of the strong rhetorics about mobile media: to do something useful with in-between moments that is ‘lost time’ otherwise. Increasingly,

PICNIC ’08: The Visible City session

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Wednesday Sept. 24 I went to one of the sessions at PICNIC ’08 called “The Visible City”. This session was about ways of visualizing mobility patterns in the city. From the announcement: What if an entire city could be visible from above, like we see

Mobile phone access for Cubans: the ‘mobile’ as rhetorical force

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Another interesting item: The BBC reports that Cubans get access to mobile phones, as Raul Castro lifts the ban on possessing them: Cubans are to be allowed unrestricted access to mobile phones for the first time, in the latest reform announced under new President Raul