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Txt and the city

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This is a commissioned article I wrote a few months ago for Canvas8 about the role of technologies in urban culture and its implications for brands. It is republished here with kind permission.   Txt and the city Michiel de Lange   Scope Today’s cities are

Article in Second Nature journal about The Mobile City project and urban gaming

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The second issue of the RMIT journal Second Nature is about “Games, Locative & Mobile Media”. I wrote a short article about urban games and their importance for the issues we address with The Mobile City. In this article I discern five possible ‘levels’ to

review: Stephen Graham – The Cybercities Reader (2004)

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In The Cybercities Reader (2004) Stephen Graham – at that time Professor of Urban Technology in Newcastle – bundles a great number of seminal texts about the intersections of digital media technologies and urban life. Some articles were written especially for this reader. Others were

Interview with Mark Shepard: ‘critical design’, architecture, urbanism and location based media

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Mark Shepard is a media architect and researcher. His current research investigates the influence of mobile and pervasive media, communication and information technologies on architecture and urbanism. He is one of the organizers of the 2006 symposium on Architecture and Situated Technologies. This fall, for

Augmented reality on the mobile: MoMo Amsterdam #11

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Mobile Monday #11 themed “Visions on Mobile” took place on June 1 2009 and had some great speakers: Alan More, Jamais Cascio, Andrew Grill, Joe Pine, Howard Rheingold, and Robert Rice – yes, all guys with visions in the mobile world Photo by Anne Helmond

Review: “Portable Objects in Three Global Cities” by Mimi Ito et al.

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  Mimi Ito, Daisuke Okabe, and Ken Anderson have an interesting chapter in the edited volume by Rich Ling & Scott Campbell (2009) “The reconstruction of space and time: mobile communication practices” which recently came out. The chapter is called “Portable Objects in Three Global

Virtual fashion from The Sims in physical H&M stores

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Dutch marketing blog Adformatie writes that an outfit designed by a player of virtual life game The Sims will be sold in almost 1000 H&M stores in Europe, starting July 6 2008. The outfit is the result of a design contest in which all Sims

Hackers attack epileptics forum: crossing digital borders

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Just a few more or less recent items that I find interesting (cutting it up in multiple posts): Wired reports that hackers have attacked an online forum for epilepsy patients. They placed fast-moving images on the forum, which resulted in a number of epilepsy patient