Ownership in the hybrid city: themes and examples (part 1)

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A while ago our study ‘Ownership in the Hybrid City’ was published. The study, written in collaboration with Virtueel Platform, informs the event Social Cities of Tomorrow (14 − 17 Feb 2012). In the study we explore how digital media can strengthen ‘ownership’, that is,

Social Cities: how to engage citizens with digital media

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(This article was published a few days ago on Engaging Cities, as a guest contribution) Social Cities: how to engage citizens with digital media Michiel de Lange – The Mobile City The increasing growth and complexity of cities raises the question how we can use

The Ideas and Ideals in Urban Media Theory and Design

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This week the book From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen was launched by MIT Press. The Mobile City’s Martijn de Waal contributed one of the chapters in which he investigates several urban ideals that underlie the design of urban media.

How kite photography can empower local communities

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The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science promotes the use of cheap open source tools such as kite photography to empower local communities and raise a sense of ‘ownerhsip’ with important environmental issues.

Review: Paul Dourish & Genevieve Bell – Divining a digital future (2011)

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In Divining a Digital Future (2011), computer scientist Paul Dourish (Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine) and cultural anthropologist Genevieve Bell (Intel Interaction and Experience Research Lab) again team up in an attempt to marry ethnography with ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) research. The

How to design better cities with urban interventions and computer code?

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aldo van eyck0007

How can we design urban objects that bring about an urban public sphere? And how can we make use of algorithms to make urban design more adaptive to the needs of citizens? These questions were addressed during the first Cognitive Cities Salon in Amsterdam.

Yes, That’s a nice Urban Data Visualization. So what?

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Report of City_Play_Data. Expert Meeting on Digital Media and ‘Ownership’ in the city.
How do we design urban media that allow citizens to act? Can we use urban games to include citizens in urban planning? And how do we move beyond ‘gamificiation’ ?

The Urban Culture of Sentient Cities: From an Internet of Things to a Public Sphere of Things

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Recently I contributed a chapter to the book Sentient City Ubiquitous Computing, Architecture, and the Future of Urban Space edited by Mark Shepard. On May 14 2011 we will also take part in the book launch event in Rotterdam. At certain points in the history

Crisis & chances for the enterprising architect – a report

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Report of an evening for architects at the Chamber of Commerce, Amsterdam, 3 March 2011 Last week I attended the meeting “Chances for the enterprising architect” (PDF, announcement in Dutch). The evening was organized by the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with innovation network Syntens

Three approaches of digital media and urban design

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Yesterday Virtueel Platform launched a new book on best practices in the field of e-culture in The Netherlands (download regular pdf / pdf for ipad). The Mobile City was invited to contribute an essay for this book. In this article I described three (sometimes closely related)

Review: Aurigi & De Cindio (2008) – Augmented urban spaces

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Aurigi, A., & De Cindio, F. (2008). Augmented urban spaces: articulating the physical and electronic city. Aldershot: Ashgate. (The introduction is a free read from the website). This book from 2008 had been on my desk for quite some time but finally I got around

Wireless Stories: optimism and doubts about the future of public space

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Last week the Dutch Mediafund and the Design department of the Sandberg Academy organized the conference Wireless Stories: new media in public space. The Mobile City was invited to provide the opening keynote (by Michiel de Lange) as well as a closing statement (yours truly),

The search for immersion in Geomedia

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Imagine if photography was only used to create images for product catalogues. No artistic use came to mind, no aesthetics deemed nesessary. It’s not a strange thought experiment. This, following Bolter and Grusin’s book Remediation, is roughly speaking what happens to any new medium when

Sander Veenhof’s NBeep6 – a free and anonymous 6bit communication channel in Cameroon

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Yesterday I visited the Mobile Monday meet-up in Amsterdam, and came across some interesting presentations. I particularly liked the presentation of Dutch artist Sander Veenhof. Over the last few years Veenhof has grown into one of the more interesting practitioners that explore the possibilities of

Why The Economist is wrong about ‘the internet of hype’

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Some weeks ago The Economist published an article about ‘the internet of things’, with the provocative title ‘The internet of hype‘. The journalist, (nick)named [?] Schumpeter, was invited to attend the corporate event Fundación de la Innovación in Madrid. He raises a number of critical

DATACITY – Report of Amber’ 10 – Art and Technology Festival in Istanbul (November 2010)

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During the 5th and 14th of November, the city of Istanbul became subject and object, host and platform to the fourth international Amber Art and Technology Festival. The festival explores and questions the impact of technologies on social, cultural, and political domains via artistic practices.