Who are behind The Mobile City?

The Mobile City was founded in 2007 by Martijn de Waal and Michiel de Lange.

The project started as a collaborative effort to translate our respective PhD research projects to the practical field. We observed huge discrepancies between (mostly academic) theories about ‘cybercities’, ‘augmented cities’, or ‘smart cities’, and the actual design of cities by both media developers and artists who – willingly or not – intervene in urban culture, and by a majority of architects and planners who struggle to come to terms with fast-paced technological developments. While aims to understand and create better cities frequently overlap, vocabularies and conceptual tools do not. It is from this intention to connect stakeholders and issues, and to advance shared concepts and knowledge that The Mobile City was founded. We are trained as academics, and have ample experience in professional fields concerned with new media and urban design.

The Mobile City is based in the Netherlands.

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