Surveillance City

Trampoline is a Nottingham (uk) based platform for new media art. Like many others they have picked up on the important theme of the privatization of the public sphere. Both physical – as in the emergence of semi-public regenerated down-town shopping experience-zones – as well as in the virtual realm:

As developers buy up our city centres for regeneration into ‘desirable properties for the market’, a similar appropriation is taking place within the spectrum that lies above. The air we breathe is itself becoming digital real estate, an intangible landscape carried on radio waves, filling the voids of our cities like Dark Matter.

The new city is coming – a city whose spaces are connected by hidden electronic passages and data crawl-throughs, spaces where our movements are traceable, recordable and identifiable by the litter of data we carelessly drop and the Web 2.0 we unwittingly spin in the chatter of our networks.

On novermber 29th they are organizing an event around this theme and they just put out a call for submissions.

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